Balsam Fir blisters
Beech    smooth and gray like an elephant’s leg
Black Birch  glossy, horizontal lenticels, does not peel
Black Locust coarse thick ridges like a gargoyle
Chestnut Oak    thick and corky
Eastern Red Cedar shredded red paper
Gray Birch silver white, nonpeeling, chevrons
Ironwood       looks like muscles and sinews
Paper Birch  chalky white, peels
River Birch peels into thin strips more than the other native birches
Shagbark Hickory shaggy
Silver Maple shaggy
Striped Maple vertical stripes
Sycamore mottled white and brown
White Ash diamond-shaped ridges
Yellow Birch peels its mellow yellow bark into thin papery strips




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Trees and Shrubs of Distinction

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